About the Photos

Most of the photos are my own, taken with my first digital camera, a Kodak DC20, my second, a Casio 120, then an Epson PhotoPC 700, followed by a HP I think, and now a Canon PowerShot SD600 Digital ELPH. The camera goes with me everywhere, so the gallery now has many photos from my travels.

I have a scanner, so now I have included old family photos and snapshots sent to me by friends. Check out the Family photos to see the scanned "Then" photo, then click on that one to switch to the digital "Now" photo.

I've grouped the photos into some broad categories described below. Within the groups you'll find some individual photos, and some sets of photos arranged in a table of thumbnail images. Click on the thumbnail image to see the full-sized image. Click on the "Back" button to return to the thumbnail display.

Some of the later groups of photos are organized into albums using Jalbum -- lots easier to navigate than my manual pages of thumbnails.

The Travels is a group of shots from mostly business trips around the country and around the world.

The Friends are the new friends I've made in my travels, mostly from work.

The Family photos are mug shots of my family.

The Events are things like reunions, birthdays, housewarmings, vacations, ... any reason for a get-together with family and friends. Any miscellaneous photos that I couldn't categorize end up in here too.

The Postcards are photos that friends have sent, some memories from the past.

The Comments is for emailing me your comments.

The GuestBook is for viewing visitors' comments, and for signing and leaving your own comments.

The Links lists links to other family web pages.

The Blogs section lists a few of my blogs and family members' blogs -- by no means a complete list -- just a starting point.