Anne's daughters: Katie, Amy, Meg
Minister Bud, Best Man Edmund
Katie, Amy, Meg
The Kiss
Mr and Mrs
Witness Edmund signs license, Pete looks on
Other witness Amy signs the licence
Bud, Pete
The Cake
Anne and Pete: Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get married... Minister, Best Man, Minstrel
Minister reads a few verses... and a few more verses...
Man and Wife! Anne, Pete, and their fireplace builder
Diane Hudman's mom, Diane Greg, Annette's Mom, Diane, Annette, Annette's husband Joe
Anne's daughters: Amy, Katie, Meg Dennice, Gale, Annette
Danny, Diane Dennice, Gale, Annette -- the Ya-Yas
Rosalie, John, Dennice Terry and Mom
Linda, Rosalie Jacque, Dennice, Pat, Linda
Anne and Bud Cutting the cake
Serving up the first piece of cake A bite for Pete
A bite for Anne Good cake!
The new strawbale house -- not quite finished The back porch of the new house
Edmund and Meg
Anne and Pete
Now on to the reception
Anne's sister, Peggy
The cake, Anne, and Pete
The cake stays cool
Diane, Dennice
Danny, Dennice Diane, Carolyn, Rosalie Rosalie, Charlie, Linda
Diane, Carolyn, Rosalie Rosalie, Jacque, John Greg, Dennice
Dennice, Diane, Greg, John, Mike, Danny, Carolyn, Carolyn's sister Gale, Joe, Dennice, John, Rosalie, Charlie, Jacque, Mike, Danny, Diane Diane, Rosalie, Danny, Charlie, Jacque, John (B Hill and moon in background)
Anne and her daughters Mike, Pete Annette, Gale
Mary Helen
Dennice, John, Rosalie, Jacque, Danny (admiring angel statue)
Annette, Dennice