The Maidens Family Vacation '97

These are the photos from our vacation to Cape Lookout and Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in July and August.

The first part of the trip was at Cape Lookout. Bill, Gale, Suzy, and Shaun made this leg of the trip together, staying at the Willis Fishing Camp on South Core Banks Island. At the southern end of this island is Cape Lookout and the uniquely diamond-patterned lighthouse.

The second leg of the vacation was at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Here we stayed in a luxurious cottage right on the beach. "We" are Jimmy and Nikki (Jim's bride of 1 year) and Nikki's family: Carl and Sandy (Nikki's parents), John and Mary (Carl's sister and brother-in-law), Vivian (Sandy's sister), Michelle (Nikki's sister), Zak and Brandon (Michelle's children).

In addition, just up the road Pat and Mike (Bill's sister and brother-in-law) were in a cottage with their children Noel and Angie and their respective significant others, Holly and Scott, Angie's kids Crissy, Michael, and Nicholas, and Scott's twin brothers Eric and Erin.

This was definitely a family thing. We reached critical mass near the end of the vacation when we all got together for crabs.

Cape Lookout
Ferry from Davis:  maiden voyage for the Bronco Suzy, Shaun on ferry crossing to Core Banks Sunny Williamson, Mule Train guide and local historian The dock road from Cape Lookout Bill proud if his Bronco Lighthouse at Cape Lookout
Our cabin at Willis Fishing Camp, Core Banks Sunset view from cabin Sunset over the Sound Suzy at the dock Shaun studies for school -- can you believe this? Suzy studies nature
The best road: 20 miles of beach all to ourselves Bill works on his tan Southernmost tip of Cape Lookout Bill guards his new toy Shaun collects shells Suzy cools off
Kitty Hawk
Nikki, Carl just arrived at the cottage Jim, Sandy prepare drinks -- cokes and coffee all around Carl, Jim, Nikki enjoy view from the deck John kicks back Nikki helps Zak with waterwings Suzy sneaks pre-dinner DQ hot fudge
Jim, Shaun, Mary play cards Carl, Sandy kick back Suzy, Nikki, Zak in front of cottage Crissy poses for camera Mike, Pat enjoyed the pizza Nicholas
Crabs -- kids' table Crabs -- adults' table Crabs -- other end of adults' table Mary meets Nicholas Angie's crew Nicholas, pizza lover